The Network Playground Online Consensus Process can be used in any situation where a small (10-50) group of experts need to achieve an informed consensus on a selection from a predefined group of possibilities, optionally sorting that selection into a priority list.

The tool supports an enhanced Delphi process using previously validated methodologies, where anonymous online discussion allows all voices to be heard and opinions to be refined and modified without egos being bruised. Participants who have used the tool so far have found it easy to use and engaging.

Benefits to your project from using our online consensus process:

  • Highly Affordable. Significantly lower project costs as experts from around the world can participate without having to be flown to a single central location.
  • Automatic tallying and statistical analysis of results.
  • Experts can participate in their own time. Each round of data entry can be partially completed and returned to later on, allowing time for contemplation and further research.
  • Process can be performed over your preferred timeframe - each round can be conducted over hours (live Delphi process) to weeks.
  • All comments saved (anonymised) for qualitative analysis.

The Online Consensus Process was originally developed to facilitate a a consensus on future research priorities for pressure injuries.

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Network Playground are:

Emily Haesler, a respected medical research consultant with extensive experience in evidence based research and meta-analysis.

Paul Haesler, an experienced software engineer, web developer and data analyst.